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Free Valentines Cross Stitch Patterns

The month of love, February, is here and the season of Valentine's Day is upon us. As the day approaches, what better way to express your love than by gifting your loved ones something handmade? Cross stitch patterns are a great way to showcase your creativity, and what could be better than cross stitch patterns that are specifically designed for Valentine's Day? Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to find these patterns for free. In this article, we will introduce you to some free Valentine's Day cross stitch patterns that you can use to create unique and personal gifts for your loved ones.

Small Valentines Freebie

This cross-stitch pattern by Stitchin' & Life in a Small Town is a cute and simple design that is perfect for beginners. The pattern features a heart with the word "love" written inside it and is surrounded by small hearts. The pattern is only 55x55 stitches, so it's perfect for creating small and quick gifts like bookmarks or keychains.

"Happy Valentine's Day" by Sue Hillis Designs

If you're looking for something a little more intricate, this cross-stitch pattern by Sue Hillis Designs might be perfect for you. The pattern features the words "Happy Valentine's Day" surrounded by a border of small hearts. The design also has a small cupid sitting at the bottom of the pattern. This pattern might take a little longer to complete, but the end result will be stunning.

Heart Cross Stitch Pattern

This heart cross stitch pattern by Etsy has three different heart designs in one pattern. The patterns feature different textures and styles, from simple hearts to more intricate designs. The pattern is perfect for creating a variety of gifts like coasters or framed art. This pattern is perfect for those who want to create a variety of gifts with different designs.

8 Free Cross-Stitch Patterns for Valentine's Day

This blog post by Stitching.Space features 8 free cross-stitch patterns that are perfect for Valentine's Day. The patterns featured in this post have a variety of designs, from simple hearts to intricate designs with sayings like "You stole my heart". The post provides links to the free patterns and also provides some helpful tips and tricks for cross-stitching beginners.


Valentine's Day is a special day to express your love to your significant other, family, and friends. What better way to express that love than by creating handmade gifts? With these free cross-stitch patterns, you can create unique and personal gifts that your loved ones will cherish forever. So pick up your needle and thread and start stitching your way to a special Valentine's Day gift.

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