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Easy Beginner Cross Stitch Patterns

Whether you're new to cross stitch or looking to pick up a new hobby, easy beginner cross stitch patterns are a great place to start. With countless designs out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one, but fear not! We've compiled a list of some of the best beginner-friendly cross stitch patterns out there to help get you started.

1. Rainbow Heart Pattern

Rainbow Heart Pattern

The Rainbow Heart Pattern is a simple yet colorful design that's perfect for beginners. This pattern utilizes just four colors, making it an easy and fun project to tackle if you're new to cross stitch. The added bonus of this pattern is that it's perfect for spreading love and positivity!

2. Simple Cross Stitch Pattern

Simple Cross Stitch Pattern

If you're looking for a straightforward and classic design to start with, this Simple Cross Stitch Pattern may be the one for you. With gentle curves and just three colors used, this pattern is easy to follow and perfect for beginners who want to work on their basic cross stitch techniques.

3. Gnome Cross Stitch Pattern

Gnome Cross Stitch Pattern

For those who want to add some whimsy and personality to their cross stitch projects, the Gnome Cross Stitch Pattern may be just the thing. This fun and quirky pattern is beginner-friendly and provides an opportunity to practice color changes and a variety of different stitches.

4. Flower Pattern

Flower Pattern

Flower patterns are a classic choice for embroidery projects, and this beginner-friendly design is no exception. With just two colors and gentle curves, this pattern is perfect for those who want to practice precision and neatness with their stitches.

5. Modern Cross Stitch Pattern

Modern Cross Stitch Pattern

If traditional designs don't quite appeal to you, consider trying out a modern cross stitch pattern. With bold, graphic designs and fun typography, these patterns provide an opportunity to showcase your own personal style. This modern cross stitch pattern is beginner-friendly, using just one color and simple shapes to create a striking finished product.


Cross stitching is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows you to create beautiful pieces of art with just a needle and thread. With these beginner-friendly cross stitch patterns, you can get started on your own stitching journey in no time. Try out a few different designs and see which ones you fall in love with!